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Juniper Cruises by IST, the technological solution to boost your
revenue efficiency business

Expand your product portfolio and increase your income.

Leading technology powering the cruise industry

More than 30 Cruise Lines have already submerged our technology to secure their
business. How about you?


Discover the latest cruise distribution technology

The most complete and customizable leading technology reservation system. 

The cruise module of the Juniper Booking Engine offers you the most up-to-date tools to offer your customers the possibility to buy cruises online. With the cruise module, you will be able to:

  • Sell your cruises.

  • Provide those directly contracted cruises or replicate data from the cruises offered by your Wholesale Partners.

  • Distribute your cruises online, using a secure payment gateway.

  • Provide additional Supplemental services and products to add value to the package and increase profits on each sale.

  • Create itineraries, offers, cabins, etc.

  • Present a detailed package price to your client.

  • Manage rates for cabins, adults, and children.

  • Supervise all bookings made from a single access point.


Immerse yourself in our solutions

Juniper now offers its Clients, in addition to the Cruise Module of the Juniper Booking Engine, technological solutions of Juniper Cruises by IST. Among them, are Juniper Fibos by ISTJuniper Cruise Browser by ISTJuniper Naveo by IST, and Juniper Total Partner by IST.

Benefit from the repository of Contents and Itineraries from a single tool.
Connect in real time with more than 30 Cruise Lines thanks to XML integrations..
Manage quotes with prices, departures and category availability updated in real time.
Modify the integral system and business model according to conversion ratios.


Juniper Fibos by IST

Connect directly with cruise line companies in one single platform and generate 100% online bookings in real-time.

Juniper Fibos by IST provides you with an online solution that you can configure according to your brand criteria, with your flow, and adapted to your internal systems. In addition, we also have an offline version Juniper Fiquos by IST which, thanks to the download of a list of prices and availabilities, allows you to generate quotations.


Juniper Cruise Browser by IST

Book and manage a wide variety of cruises by selling your product through third parties and increasing your sales exponentially.

Juniper Cruise Browser by IST facilitates fast integration with travel agencies. It is a white label oriented to B2B business, adaptable and customizable to B2B2C business.

Centralize the supply of cruise line products in one place.
Automate quota management for all your travel agencies in a single online solution.
Analyze and monitor business data to understand your Client’s needs.
Manage marketing campaigns, promotions, offers and analyze user behavior.


Juniper Total Partner by IST

Improve your productivity in the sale of your represented Cruise Lines with the ultimate
tool designed for General Sales Agents (GSA) and cruise line representatives with B2B and B2C capabilities.

Juniper Total Partner by IST provides a complete solution to improve cruise sales productivity with your own business rules.

Implement the online quotation and booking flow on both the B2B and B2C websites.
Manage your business rules, tariffs, and reports via the integrated Back Office and decide which tariffs will be visible in the booking process.
Offer online quotes, cabin assignment choice, rate comparison and daily reporting.
Manage all your marketing material, webinars, and presentations via a B2B website with online booking capabilities.


A new cruise vertical

Juniper Travel Technology is a leader in providing technological solutions for the tourism industry. The acquisition of IST is part of Juniper’s strategy to continue being the leading company in technological solutions for the travel industry. Therefore, Juniper adds to its portfolio the new division of Juniper Cruises by IST with the technology and experience of a highly specialized team with know-how on the cruise industry and its needs.

Dive into solutions of Juniper Cruises by IST


Connect to more than 30 Cruise Lines integrated with us. Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Costa, MSC, Carnival Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, and many more already rely on our technology.

Customer Journey

Build a complete Customer Journey with a focus on your key products and promotions.


Get to know the technology developed for all distributors: OTA´s, Wholesale and Retailer Travel Agencies and Tour Operators around the world.

Your rules

Tailor our booking engine to your business rules.

White label

Discover our white-label solutions for quick and easy implementation.

B2Bt, B2C and B2B2C solutions

Customize different sales channels for your Clients.

Responsive Web Design

Enable the best user experience (UX) practices in the tourism industry for Desktop or Mobile.

Upgrade your Sales

Add value to each sale by adding additional supplemental services and products.

Boost your strategy

Choose from a wide range of products and find the one that best suits your business.


Improve your business management with Juniper Booking Engine

The technological solution that elevates the tourism sector.

A complete, robust and also flexible tool: its modular system allows maximum adaptation to the expectations of your company and its turnover.

Juniper Numbers speak for themselves

+ 1 M
accommodation bookings
+ 1 M
activity and transfer bookings
+ 1 K
flight bookings
+ 1 K
vacation packages bookings
+ 1 K
cruise bookings

Discover the leading technology with Juniper Cruises by IST

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